Edward K. Sieb, Sieb Sales & Engineering, Inc.

Furmankiewicz & Associates has been an integral part of our ongoing success and we look forward to our continuing relationship. When I rejoined Sieb Sales back in 2003, I quickly identified one of the most serious issues facing our company was the lack of a good accountant. Unfortunately, our banker agreed and recommended I give Furmankiewicz & Associates a call.

We needed someone who would do more than just good tax returns. We needed advice on tax planning. In addition, we needed someone who could take on the role of a general business consultant. We needed a trusted advisor. We needed someone who would keep up with the latest issues, stay involved and network within the profession. We needed someone who understood that our personal tax issues were closely related to and affected our business tax issues.

We found all of these qualities in Furmankiewicz & Associates.

Furmankiewicz & Associates’ experience and credentials are exemplary. During the course of our relationship, we have developed a comfort factor that did not exist with our original accountant. Furmankiewicz & Associates is also the right size firm for us. We greatly appreciate having someone who is going to answer our questions, listens to our needs and is reliable. The consulting fees are reasonable as well. Furmankiewicz & Associates is a real team player!

Thad Donovan, Mindbend, Inc., Merrillville, IN

Alan was able to save me literally thousands of dollars by moving me to an S-Corp and providing valuable consultation.

Daniel Knol, Knol Design, Inc.

I struggled with diminishing quality of service with my former accountant—numerous tax prep inconsistencies and increasing correction notices from the state and feds. All that changed with Al. He upgraded my payroll to EFT and restructured my withholding and found an extra $250 per month! Furmankiewicz & Associates offers high-level services with an old-fashioned approach and attention to detail that is a perfect fit for my small business.